Local Insurance Company Comes Through For Senior Citizens

Local Insurance Company Comes Through For Senior Citizens

By:  Lucky Mzimkhulu


Local insurance,  Moovah has come through for senior citizens above the age of 55 with a one of a kind short-term insurance product which offers a 30% discount for their motor vehicle, legal, personal effects, home, and household insurance.This is a tremendous advancement worth celebration amid coronavirus induced hardships the country is reeling under – especially to the unemployed and the elderly.

Moovah is targeting senior citizens due to their risk profile being substantially low (some of us may even assert that it’s inessential as compared to economically active individuals or even the modern-day millennial. Hence, they are more deserving of such a favourable treat. Taking into consideration often times their cars are parked, or when they drive, they are very cautious on the road.  Millennials are able to cover their beloved elderly parents.

Moovah is a hassle-free, user-friendly, and convenient go-to short-term insurance brand that allows you to buy or renew insurance for your vehicles, properties, household contents, and other assets from the comfort of your home or office via a mobile phone. Picture that…not only do you skip the tedious process of filling in a novel of forms but you’re a few clicks away from insuring your valuables? Also, with Moovah after renewing your insurance, the discs are delivered for FREE wherever you are.

The new product does not only offer unparalleled convenience but there are other value-added benefits including Free MARS Emergency Services in the event of an accident, a 10% accident-free driving discount on your premiums if you do not claim per year, plus roadside assistance services from Automobile Association Of Zimbabwe (AAZ). Interestingly, you are also GUARANTEED to earn extra income when you refer someone to renew on this amazing product.

To buy or renew your insurance with Moovah, all you need is to dial *901# or email underwritting@cassavasmartech.co.zw, get a quote and pay.

.For more information on the Moovah Senior Citizens Insurance, you may visit the website,  https://www.moovah.co.zw/senior-citizen-insurance-cover.


Source: https://iharare.com/moovah-insurance-company-comes-through-for-senior-citizens/



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