Finally, a reliable fall back plan for Zim farmers

Have you ever thought to yourself as a farmer in Zimbabwe, what happens if my whole crop catches fire, or if my livestock gets struck by some disease and dies? What then? What happens to my investment? In today’s blog, we’ll be answering this question as well as showing you an easy win available in the local market.


We can all agree that Agriculture remains the mainstay of Zimbabwe’s economy, mainly driven by you, the commercial farmers who are into animal husbandry and Agric-Farming.


Despite the effects of global warming, several commercial farmers have intensified their production capacity to restore Zimbabwe to its role as the breadbasket of the entire SADC region.


Without question, the effects of climate change are inescapable for the ordinary farmer — from hail, dry spells, windstorms that destroys crops. Apart from these climate hazards, farmers continue to lose a fortune on their investment due to perils such as fire, lightning and theft. We cannot call these the unexpected as we have seen them happen time and time again over the years. According to an IPEC article on Crop Insurance, the real problem was a lack of legitimate players providing the financial instruments that cover farmers against these perils. Out of the few service providers in the market, unscrupulous companies are dominating the space.


Good news is Moovah, a brand Underwritten by Econet Insurance Pvt Ltd which is the fastest growing insurance company in Zimbabwe has entered the market and bridged that divide. Moovah launched a Crop and Livestock Insurance that is accessible to farmers countrywide. Interestingly Moovah Livestock and Crop Insurance covers both animal husbandry and agri-farming.


The Moovah Crop Insurance as a policy covers agric producers against loss arising from acts of God such as windstorm, earthquakes, hail, frost and others. The product covers crops such as sorghum, maize, wheat, tobacco and other horticulture crops, including greenhouse crops. You also get discounted rates when insuring other farm assets such as tractors, buildings and milking parlours when you have Moovah Crop Insurance.


The headache or heartache is gone. You don’t have to predict the future, cover it with Moovah. To register on the product, customers should email



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