Moovah launches pay as you drive vehicle insurance

It seems like folks at Cassava are joining in on the Pay As You Drive, usage-based or Telematics wave. This is something we covered last year when TelOne launched its vehicle tracking service Teltrack and Telematics Insurance. Cassava’s new product Moovah “Pay as You Drive” insurance is looking to pretty much do the same.

So what this essentially does is make your insurance match your driving habits. This is really good because someone can, for example, have a large fleet of vehicles that they don’t drive all that often. When they go to insurance companies they are charged the same amount as high-risk vehicles/clients and the likes.

If you sign up for Moovah Pay As You Drive you will also get some added benefits. The first is that you don’t have to pay for the tracking device that is installed in your vehicle. The second and probably the most important is that you will get free MARS ambulance and vehicle towing services.

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