We are tapping into new territories

Drive better & pay less with Moovah PAYD!

We are tapping into new territories

See how easy it is to save money on motor vehicle insurance.

Say hello to our newest innovation

We are always looking for ways that can enhance your engagement with us. And because the world is going digital, so are we! Our desire is to take you along our digital journey so you can enjoy the amazing product that we have to offer. It always takes two to tango!

Introducing Moovah Pay-As-You-Drive!

Moovah PAYD Insurance is a new offering from Moovah that we designed with you in mind. It’s a usage-based insurance that can measure how far you drive and how you drive so you can pay your insurance premiums based on your driving behaviour. No more fixed amounts, to those who own multiple cars and are responsible drivers.

What are the benefits of PAYD?

When you drive better, you pay less

The safer you drive, the lower your premiums! With Moovah PAYD, your premiums are calculated based on how much of a good driver you are. When you register, we’ll install a telematics device that captures your driving data. It will monitor factors like speed, acceleration, vehicle usage, braking and other driving behaviors. If you are a responsible driver, be sure to pay less.

It comes with a free tracker!

Nobody wants their car to get stolen, but hey, it might happen. But with Moovah PAYD, there’s no need to worry about where your vehicle is! The device installed for collecting data comes with a tracker so you can track your vehicle anytime.

Always looking out for you!

If you ever get involved in an accident, we’ll get an instant notification. Moovah will immediately dispatch FREE Mars ambulance and AAZ vehicle towing services for your assistance.

Get the premiums you deserve! Dial *901# to register for Moovah PAYD Insurance today!




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