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Do you have a question about Moovah? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below:

What is Moovah?

Moovah is a hustle free and convenient short-term insurance product that allows you to get cover for your vehicles, properties, household contents and other assets from the comfort of your home or office via a mobile phone or online


What is required for Moovah registration?

There is no paper work required to buy insurance, ZINARA and ZBC on the phone and all you need to know is information on vehicle registration number.

What kind of vehicles can sign up for Moovah?

Any vehicle in Zimbabwe on the ZINARA licensing database such as a private vehicle, motorcycle, truck, taxi, commuter, trailers and many others can sign up for the product.

Which motor vehicle insurance products are available on Moovah?
  1. RTA - Third Party
  2. Full Third Party
  3. Full Third Party, Fire and Theft
  4. Comprehensive Cover
What are the licensing periods I can insure on Moovah?

The following licensing periods apply on Moovah:

  • 4 Months (One Term) 
  • 8 Months (Two Terms)
  • 12 Months (Three Terms)
  • Other
    • 5 Months
    • 6 Months
    • 7 Months
    • 9 Months
    • 10 Months
    • 11 Months
It is possible to pay for the whole year?

Yes indeed, you can pay for the number of terms you may want to get cover for from a minimum of one term (4 months) upwards up to a whole year (3 terms).

Can I get insured on Moovah for a vehicle that is not registered in my name?

Yes, you can cover a vehicle that is not registered in your name and you can also buy insurance or ZINARA or ZBC for your loved ones or colleagues.

Can I pay premiums on behalf of someone else?

Yes indeed, it is possible to pay premiums on behalf of someone; all you need are their correct vehicle registration details.

Does my vehicle insurance cover me beyond Zimbabwean borders?

For all comprehensive motor vehicle insurance covers, your vehicle is covered in the SADC region with the exception of DRC Congo.  

How do I buy or renew third-party, full third-party & full third-party, fire & theft?
  1. Dial *901# & Select Buy Insurance
  2. Select Insurance Type
  3. Select Insurance Period
  4. Choose vehicle to licence from registered vehicles
  5. Select Vehicle Type & Use
How do I buy or renew Comprehensive Cover?
  1. Dial *901# and Select Motor Insurance
  2. Select Buy Insurance
  3. Select Comprehensive Cover
  4. Select Insurance Period
  5. Choose vehicle to license from registered vehicles
  6. Select Vehicle Type and Use
  7. Enter Value and Select Pay Now
How do I buy a ZINARA licence?
  1. Dial *901# & Select Motor Insurance
  2. Select Buy ZINARA
  3. Select ZINARA Period
  4. Choose vehicle to license from the registered vehicles
  5. Opt for FREE disc delivery or collection
  6. Confirm delivery address (if you opt for delivery address)
  7. Select Pay Now
How do you buy ZINARA and ZBC licensing?
  1. Dial *901#
  2. Select Buy ZINARA and ZBC
  3. Select ZINARA Period
  4. Choose vehicle to license from the registered vehicles
  5. Select ZBC Period
  6. Select Radio Usage & Pay
What should I do immediately after an accident?
  1. Call our customer services toll free helpline 311 or contact the AA Zimbabwe Helpline on 0782783691/ 0242 776760 or 04 2932089 while on the accident scene in case there might be need for ambulance or roadside assistance.
  2. Moovah has also partnered with Vaya Africa to provide courtesy rides.
Where do I submit a claim in the event of an accident?
  1. Econet Shops & ZIMPOST Outlets
  2. Email-moovahclaims@cassavasmartech.co.zw
  3. WhatsApp required documents to 0772 252 462
What documents are required when submitting a claim after being involved in an accident?

For a Comprehensive Cover and Full Third-Party Claim:

  1. A completed claim form
  2. Copy of the driver’s licence
  3. A police report
  4. 3 quotations from panel beaters or suppliers
What are the documents required from the insured after an accident?
  • Completed claim form
  • Copy of the driver’s licence
  • Police report
What are the documents required from the third-party after an accident?
  • Copy of the driver’s license (front & back)
  • Police report
  • Quotes from reputable panel beaters
  • Confirmation of cover note from the insurer
What information will the AAZ helpline operator will require from me?
  • Name
  • Present location
  • Econet Policy number
  • Vehicles details
  • Return details of Econet client to enable AAZ to manage the recovery from start to finish
Are there any exclusions by AAZ?
  • AAZ will not cater for public service vehicles.
  • AAZ will not cater for heavy vehicles.
  • AAZ will not carry out desk top valuations.
Where can I get more help on Moovah?

You can contact us on our toll-free number 311 or visit our website on www.ecosure.co.zw or our Facebook page MoovahZim or follow us on Twitter- @MoovahZim

What is Moovah Crop Insurance?

A short term insurance policy that covers Agric producers against unforeseeable loses arising from natural  and  unnatural disasters such as fire, theft and many more

What is Moovah Livestock Cover?

An insurance policy that provides cover for livestock against death, accidental injuries, theft or any acts of God

What risks and liabilities does Moovah Livestock insurance covers?

Moovah Livestock insurance covers mortality due to the following:


  1. Diseases exclusing epidemics

  2. Fire, smoke, hail, electrocution, drowning, windstorm, flooding,lightning, collapse of building

  3. Injuries from accidents like the collapse of a building, falling into a pit or being fallen on by a tree

  4. Emergency slaughter on medical grounds (euthanasia)

  5. Difficulties during delivery (dystocia not related to malnutrition, or early breeding)

  6. Impact by any road vehicle or railway locomotive or rolling stock

  7. Non-political riots and strikes

  8. Malicious damage

  9.  Death as a result of snake bite

  10. Theft

  11. Use of force while the animals are in the paddocks or zero grazing unit.

  12. Transit risk-within a radius of 25kms (above 25kms

What is Moovah Senior Citizens?

A promotion that rewards senior citizens aged 55 years and above with a 30% discount for their comprehensive motor insurance, legal cover and comprehensive home cover.

Does the discount apply to all motor vehicle insurance products?

No, the discount only applies renewals for comprehensive insurance and third party, fire and theft cover

Can I as a senior citizen enjoy the 30% discount for insurance on my commercial assets, including vehicles and properties?

No, the discount does not apply to insurance for commercial assets. 

Is the discount paid instantly after making payment of my insurance?

If you pay for your insurance on the phone via *901#, the 30% discount is not paid instantly, as some age validations will need to be done. Instant discounts only apply to renewals that are made through Moovah registered agents or at any of Econet Shops.

Can I pay insurance on behalf of my parents that are 55 years and still be able to enjoy the discount?

Yes, as long the insured vehicles and other assets are registered in their name you can be able to get the discount waived on your premiums.

When I buy insurance on the phone, how can I get the discount reimbursed?

You simply need to email Moovah Underwriting Team, underwriting@cassavasmartech.co.zw the proof of payment, copy of ID and vehicle registration book (or any deeds that shows the insured asset is registered in the name of the ID holder)

How long is the Senior Citizen Promotion running?

The promotion is running for one year, starting from the 4th of September 2020 until the 31st of August 2021.

Where do I get more information about the Moovah Senior Citizens Promotion?

One can visit our website  www.moovah.co.zw,  call  our contact centre on 311 or email underwriting@cassavasmartech.co.zw

How do I buy insurance with Moovah?

You can buy or renew your vehicle insurance, ZINARA and ZBC licence discs by simply dialling *901# using an Econet registered line.

What is Moovah PAYD

A motor vehicle insurance product that allows you to pay premiums based on your driving behaviour, including your mileage; how you speed, accelerate, brake or negotiate with corners

Why do I need to register my car on Moovah PAYD?

It ensures you take control and lower your insurance costs as the costs of your insurance will be derived from your driving behaviour. When you are signed up on Moovah PAYD, once you get involved in an accident, Moovah gets instant notification and deploy FREE MARS plus vehicle towing

How do I get my vehicle on Moovah PAYD?

Simply email underwritting@cassavasmartech.co.zw or contact your broker to register your vehicle on the Moovah PAYD.

What metrics are used to determine my insurance premiums with Moovah PAYD?

Several factors are used to determine your premiums, including but not limited to your mileage, speed, acceleration, braking, time of driving, age and gender- only to mention a few.

Is my driving data safe with Moovah PAYD?

Data privacy and security remains our area of concern. Your driving data remains confidential and will not be availed to any third party without your consent or be used for other purposes besides to determine your insurance premiums.

Do I pay for the vehicle tracking device and the monthly subscription?

Absolutely, no. The vehicle tracker comes for FREE and your insurer, Moovah, pays for all your monthly subscriptions

What should I do if my vehicle has a vehicle tracker already?

There is no need for you to change your tracking service provider. All you need is to notify our Underwriting Team (underwriting@cassavasmartech.co.zw) and they will arrange to get your monthly tracking bill.

Is the vehicle tracker also FREE for corporate fleets?

Yes, Moovah will take care of the vehicle tracking bill for your corporate fleet, including installation if your company vehicles have no tracker.

Do I get a FREE vehicle tracker if my car is on third party insurance?

The tracker is for free to motorists that renew (buy) any Moovah motor vehicle insurance product, including a third-party cover.

Do I have to pay for the MARS ambulance or vehicle towing in the event of an accident?

The MARS ambulance service comes for FREE but the vehicle towing service is only FREE for a radius of 25km within the nearest town.

Where do I get more information about Moovah PAYD?

More information about Moovah PAYD is available on the Moovah website, www.moovah.co.zw, 311 Helpline or MoovahZim on Facebook/ Twitter or email us on underwritting@cassavasmartech.co.zw.


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