Senior Citizens Insurance Cover

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Taking care of our senior citizens at 30% less.

Senior Citizens Insurance Cover

Enjoy your retirement with an insurer that gives you more. The Moovah Senior Citizens Cover is tailor-made for seniors aged 55 years and above, covering motor vehicle, personal effects, home & household contents for 30% less.


5 reasons why you need Moovah Senior Citizens Cover:

  • You can renew insurance on the phone & enjoy FREE disc delivery.
  • FREE MARS Emergency Evacuation following an accident.
  • FREE Asset Valuation.
  • A 10% incentive when you refer a friend or relative.
  • AAZ Roadside Assistance following an emergency.


The Moovah Senior Citizens Cover protects you against these risks:

  • Damages arising from fire, theft, lightning and explosion.
  • Criminal, civil and labour cases that are brought against you or your dependants.
  • Damage to third parties, including vehicles, property and bodily injury


  • Dial *901#, buy insurance on your phone and email confirmation of payment to
  • The 30% discount is not instant and will be paid after validation of age has been made by our underwriting team.
For more information please don't hesitate to contact us today.


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